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WATCH: Partially disabled trucker proves “there is no excuse” for not living your best life


A trucker with partially disabled legs proves that you can do almost anything you put your mind to in this impressive video. 

In the clip, a fellow trucker sitting in a truck lot begins filming a partially disabled trucker getting carefully into his truck, breaking down his wheelchair, and carrying on with his day. 

The trucker can be seen carefully maneuvering his partially disabled legs into the cab, hooking the wheelchair with what appears to be a cane, breaking the chair down wheel by wheel, and continuing on with his day as a truck driver. 

“Now, no one complain anymore about how life is hard,” commented the filming driver.

“There is no excuse,” he continued. “No excuse whatsoever. See? Driving a truck. It’s an automatic truck and he probably has controllers for his hands.”

“See? He park right up in the dock. No excuse for failure,” the man filming concludes. 

We applaud this driver for his dedication and hard work. 

Check out the video, below. 


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