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WATCH: This newest trucker Tik Tok trend might actually be worth doing


A trucker calls on his fellow drivers to literally clean up their act in this new trucker Tik Tok “challenge.”

In the video, @wyattdieselemt pans over a truck stop median littered with trash, and says that it’s up to drivers to keep their own spaces clean. He says all it will take is some gloves, a few trash bags, and the will to make things better. 

“It isn’t the four-wheelers. It’s us,” he points out. 

“And this isn’t the worst one I’ve seen. 

“I grew up in this industry. I know what real drivers are. This is not it. So this is the new challenge: I’m going to start picking up trash. How many others of you will? You see my truck? Purple and white Pete. If you see me, come knock. I’ll hop out and join you.”

The driver then shows the difference just a few minutes of trash collection can make. 

Check out his call-to-action below. 


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