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WATCH: Trucker makes his tea using just his truck


A truck driver decided to participate in a somewhat long-running social media challenge and caught it all on video in this clip. 

In the video, the dutch truck driver, Johan Groteboer, takes on what some have been calling the ‘tea bag challenge.’ Typically, the challenge consists of setting a mug full of hot water on the floor, taking three giant steps back, and attempting to throw a tea bag right into the water. However, in this video, the trucker takes it a bit farther. 

The footage begins with the 82-foot-long LHV, or long heavy vehicle, reversing towards the camera with a glass of hot water in view. The rig backs up towards the camera slowly, revealing a tea bag tied to the rig. Once the tea bag is lined up with the cup, the driver takes a moment, lowers the suspension, and successfully lowers the bag into the water. 

“It [the LHV] is one of the largest vehicles on the road. I guess that’s why the video is so popular,” Groteboer said of the video’s recent rise in popularity across the European sector of the internet. 

“I had to pull out all the stops to really get past the traffic cone without disturbing it and yet still drop the tea bag directly into the hot water,” Groteboer said. “In that scenario, you only have to go very slightly off track, and you lose it.”

Check out the super silly yet super cool trick, below.


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