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WATCH: Trucker pays the price for this four-wheeler’s dumb move


A truck driver paid the price for a four-wheeler’s poor choices in this terrifying dash cam clip. 

In the video, a truck driver is traveling along a dark road when a four-wheeler suddenly pulls out in front of him in an attempt to cross the highway. The trucker swerves to avoid the motorist but overturns his own rig as a result. 

The clip stops there, showing only an overturned cab and shattered glass, but that isn’t the end of the story – a friend of the driver says the incident totaled the truck, and even trapped the driver inside. 

“A friend of mine had a 4 wheeler pull out in front of him. He totaled his truck trying to avoid hitting them,” wrote a friend of the filming driver on Facebook. 

“They needed the Jaws of Life to extract him from this mess. But thankfully he’s alive. Be careful out there drivers.”

“Doesn’t make any sense,” added the driver’s sister.

Check out the clip, below. And please be careful out there. 


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