This video leaves us wondering how someone just keeps driving in this situation. 

In the clip, a passenger in a Jeep films a semi truck hauling a trailer that is completely buckled in the middle and almost dragging the ground. 

The video has been overlaid with a popular Tik Tok trend that began last year: “On today’s episode of how f***ed up is f***ed up….” We have to say, the trend is quite fitting for this particular clip. 

“Ten-four! That’s a special effed up level of effed up. Is the driver in denial?…maybe doesn’t wanna do the paperwork?…unsupervised during a fever dream? Good clip, cool catch!” commented one viewer. 

“That trailer is placarded too. Sheesh,” added another. 

Check out the confusing yet funny video, below.


Well that’s not suppose to be like that! ##ohno ##messedupthings ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Sean is Cool

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