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WATCH: Why did the trucker cross the road? To rescue the stray turtle from certain death.


A truck driver went out of his way to save a lost turtle from being squashed on a roadway in this cute clip. 

Tik tok trucker @the_double_t gives trucker reviews of Bucee’s, recounts stories of special arm pumps, and now, rescues turtles on his home time. It just doesn’t get much more wholesome than this. 

“The hell are you doing, dude?” the driver asks the turtle as he rushes to the middle of the road and brings the turtle back onto the grassy shoulder, where the driver has also parked his (comparatively tiny) civilian car. 

Probably a good thing he wasn’t in the truck for this one. 

Check out the heartwarming clip, below.


I almost ran this little guy over 😬😟☹ #foryou #TakisTransformation #CompleteMyLook #wildlife #turtle

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

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