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WATCH: Yet another four-wheeler demonstrates their ignorance


Yet another four-wheeler reveals their ignorance in this dangerous pass on the right. 

In the clip, the driver clearly illustrates all lanes involved, and even points out which lane has the right of way – his. Then, as the driver approaches a merging situation, an oncoming four-wheeler barely squeezes in behind the rig. The motorist then decides he doesn’t have the patience to simply drive behind the rig, so they pass the semi truck on the right, using a barely-there shoulder to accomplish the dangerous feat. 

“Dumb dumb dosen’t know that a light tap with a 78k pound semi tractor trailer would have sent him to a 3 year coma. Lagrange exit heading to get on I55 SB Countryside, IL,” captioned the truck driver. 

Check out the ridiculous decision by clicking ‘watch on YouTube,’ below.


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