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‘We don’t want to crush you’: Trucker pleads for more room in viral Facebook post


In the wake of a deadly pileup crash, a Texas truck driver took to Facebook to ask other drivers to give big rigs more room.

Following a devastating pileup crash in Fort Worth that killed at least six people, Texas-based truck driver Jose Ramirez took to Facebook to deliver a PSA to the motoring public.

Ramirez writes:

For the next few days, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE give us 18 wheelers plenty of space on the roads. It takes us a lot longer to stop. We don’t want to crush you. Pass us when the roads are straight and safe. Try and stay away from us when there’s slight curves, especially between the concrete walls. Roads are ok here and there. But please give us truckers plenty of road space. Thanks 🙏

In a less than two days, the post has been shared nearly 55,000 times.


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