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WEL rolls out second driver pay increase in 2021


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WEL Companies, an industry leader in the temperature-controlled shipping and warehousing spaces, has taken several large, driver-focused, strides in the past few months.

At the beginning of 2021, WEL took a large step with increased pay in addition to implementing a Guaranteed Pay Model that ensures drivers never have a bad week. WEL has once again upped the pay by 4 cents per mile, for a total of 7 cents per mile increase since the start of the year. This increase means company OTR drivers will now earn 67 CPM on average, which translates to over $4,000 in earnings per year.

“We are thrilled to announce that for the second time this year, WEL has completed the final stages of another compensation increase for company drivers. During these unprecedented times in the transportation industry, we feel our drivers are the best-in-the-industry and our pay offerings should reflect that.” – Bruce Tielens-Owner

Additional benefits were recently added:

  • All company drivers will receive a $0.04/mile increase to their existing pay on all dispatched miles.
  • Current dedicated drivers receive an increase of $10 to their existing daily minimum rate to equate to a $50 increase for a 5 day week. (Note: The qualifiers remain the same as the current qualifiers.)

WEL has also increased both Holiday Pay and Vacation Pay and is adding upwards of 75 new trucks to the fleet in 2021.

Another recent addition to the WEL offering is the WEL Certified Mentor Program for inexperienced drivers.

“Truck driving schools are many and varied in the methods and curricula they teach,” said Dave Gundt, Training and Driver Development with WEL Companies. “Next year there will be some federal training requirements that are to standardize truck driver training at all schools nationwide, but currently those standards are on hold. Our program is designed to ensure any knowledge or skill gaps are addressed. It is our responsibility to educate all new drivers to the industry in proper, legal and above all safe operation.”

The mentor program is an 8-week paid program that consists of about 336 training hours. During the program, WEL offers an “earn while you train benefit” of $500 — $700 per week while in training in addition to hotel and transportation while training on-site. Drivers are also eligible for up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement.

The Wisconsin Fast Forward grant that we received is designed to help WEL Companies create new curriculum and refine current curricula. The grant allows the company to further help fill capacity needs as WEL can currently absorb 150+ new drivers.

Currently the program is open to any qualified trainee that is DOT and company eligible. Every candidate entering trucking is required to complete an application process that involves the running of several reports.

Gundt continued “The grant we received from Wisconsin will allow us to refine our training to better situate ourselves for the future of trucking. We have already started to create new curriculum and refine some current training to improve and create a holistic approach to our driver development.”

WEL Companies recently implemented a Guaranteed Pay Model ensuring the drivers are always compensated. Come see what it means to Drive For Greater Things.

“We are eager to build out the trainee program and are beyond excited to be offering this pay increase to our professional drivers. This is more than well-deserved with all your efforts in keeping the country fed and moving forward.” – Bruce Tielens-Owner

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