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Winter is almost here and these truckers are the first to know about it


Winter is almost here and truckers across the internet say that they are not emotionally ready. 

We’ve hit the middle of October and several states have already seen their first few inches of snow, so of course truckers are the first ones out there experiencing it and documenting the experience. 

“I’m not ready for this! Go away!” shouts one lady trucker making her way through the Montana prairies. 

“Am I the only one who gets this sick, sick feeling in their stomach when you have to go through the first snowfall of the season?”

“I’m on my last day of home time but I’m not sure how they’re going to get me out of here with this wind advisory and winter weather,” laments yet another lady driver as she shows off the lovely winter wonderland from her porch in central Colorado. 


Yet another driver simply shows a striking winter scene as they make their way through Lookout pass just before Butte, Montana.  

Get ready out there because winter is coming!


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