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Witty one-liners have taken over America’s highway signs — here are the best


Lit up in fluorescent orange, Department of Transportation highway signs are hard to miss, especially since many states have jumped on the bandwagon of using trendy one-liners and puns to grab the attention of drivers.

Transportation officials have tested out their own creative writing skills on these electronic billboards and some have even held contests for the public to submit clever ideas. From song references to holiday-inspired messages, these signs would surely give us a chuckle if we saw them on our commute. We’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest one-liners, check them out below.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has become a master at delivering these witty messages to their drivers, here is some of their best work:

The Arizona Department of Transportation displayed this message on June 14 After tallying more than 5,000 votes for the 15 safety message finalists.
This Beyonce inspired message debuted on September 19, 2018, fitting since she was performing with her husband Jay-Z at State Farm Stadium in Glendale that night.
Playing off of some of Taylor Swift’s famous lyrics, this ADOT sign encouraged drivers to “Shake it off”.
This “peas and guac” sign was shown on Nov. 28, 2015, and alludes to a highly debated New York Times recipe.

The Ohio Department of Transportation also has a range of hilarious signs:

This sign was displayed in the Halloween spirit.
Nobody likes a left-lane camper.
Shown in 2018, this relatable Ohio Department of Transportation sign encouraged drivers to take their time.

These Mississippi DOT signs were all a huge hit:

This “Cousin Eddie” message went viral when it was displayed.
This clever caption warns drivers to keep their eyes on the road.
Star Wars references are always a fan favorite.

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