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1 dead, others critically injured after impatient four wheeler cuts off semi before fleeing scene, witnesses say 


One person is dead and four more are injured after a motorist cut off a semi truck in California on Wednesday afternoon. 

The accident happened on August 17th at 12:46 p.m. in Apple Valley, California near the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Tujunga Drive.

A witness to the crash says a motorist attempted to pass a semi truck, and then ended up cutting the truck off when they ran out of time. The semi truck swerved as a result of being cut off and struck a silver car with an elderly couple inside. The car responsible for the incident then fled the scene, a witness says. 

VVNG News reports that the semi truck driver was trapped for 45 minutes and was airlifted in stable condition. The other critically injured person was also transported to the hospital. It is not clear who was killed in the incident, but a witness to the wreck says that the critically injured person was the driver of the silver car hit in the incident.

The witness wrote this about the incident: “1 semi, 2 cars, 1 fatality and 1 very impatient driver who fled the scene. Some people will never understand. This happened earlier this morning on Bear Valley Rd in Apple Valley California. Driver of the semi was trapped, took FD over 45min to get him out. The silver car occupied an elderly couple. The passenger was the driver’s wife, they were married for over 53 years. The impatient driver who caused all this, attempted to pass the semi in the opposite lane, cut the semi off after realizing they didn’t have enough time, and causing the semi to swerve and hit the silver car head on. Driver in silver car has a few broken ribs and is still in bad condition. There is another car that is off to the other side that had damage as well.”

“This accident is under investigation but all the basic traffic laws apply. Make sure you follow the speed limit, make sure that you’re not texting while driving, and just doing defensive driving while driving. Try to make sure you stay safe and buckle up,” said Battalion Chief Anthony Mejia. 

No further information on the wreck has been released.


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