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111 mph winds caused chaos on Interstate 25 in Wyoming on Saturday as multiple semi trucks flipped in the gusts 


The winds plagued Interstate 25 in Wyoming on November 5th between Cheyenne and Sheridan in the Red Canyon. 

According to Cowboy State Daily, the Wyoming Department of Transportation closed Interstate 25 for all light and high profile vehicles on Saturday, and posted an “Extreme Blowover Risk” warning for Interstate 80 and multiple state highways. 

Motorists traveling through the area say that Interstate 25 was ‘littered’ with  overturned trucks that chose to ignore the interstate closure as winds as high as 111 mph blew across the area. 

“I’ve never seen this kind of wind in my adult memory,” said Brian Pedersen, a former state legislator who was traveling from Sheridan to Cheyenne on Saturday. 

Pedersen says that, at one point, he found four trucks overturned and blocking the highway, and even witnessed one truck driver crawling out from his overturned cab. 

“The semis were just going up left and right, laying on the highway, not even on the shoulder,” he said. “These folks had driven past other flipped trucks and made a choice to continue,” he said, but WYDOT did report at least one truck parking lot between Cheyenne and Buford on Interstate 25 was full. 


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