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20 unofficial “CDLLife Test Questions” to evaluate your trucking skills 


An avid CDLLife App member recently posted a series of unofficial “CDLLife Test Questions” to evaluate the driving abilities of his fellow app members, complete with an answer key. 

Member Gary Riegel has been in the industry since 1978 as a fleet manager and diesel tech, and put together an unofficial ‘employment test’ just for fun. Anywhere between 100 and 250 truckers and industry members answered each question, and even debated the responses in the comments. 

Unsurprisingly, truckers on the CDLLife App appear to be a very safe and knowledgeable bunch. The 20 questions ranged from basic inquiries such as safe temperature ranges on the coolant, to the importance of keeping your truck clean, and even specific driving situations. 

Check out the questions and answers below and let us know if you agree. 

The polls started out tentatively, just to make sure creating the test wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Once it was clear drivers were interested, the questions and answers started pouring in.

Gary then went on post the answers as he saw them. (P.S. Click on the post to see answers that are cut off in the preview.)

If you happen to be interested in answering them for yourself, chiming in in the comments, or just checking out the community, head on over to our app and join in on the fun. 


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