The Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDPS) is publicly thanking a trucker for acting fast to get large and dangerous debris out of the roadway.

The incident occurred on May 21, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona while a trooper was conducting a traffic stop on I-10.

While pulled over, the trooper saw “a trampoline lifted into the air by a powerful dust devil.”

The trampoline sailed over a concrete wall onto I-10, where it bounced from the eastbound to the westbound lanes.

Fortunately, according to AZDPS, “a quick-thinking trucker slowly pushed the trampoline to the right, away from other drivers.”

As the trucker pushed the trampoline away from traffic, the trooper used his vehicle and a tow strap to secure the trampoline.

AZDPS issued a public “Thanks to the vigilant truck driver for his help!”

“One message we never expected to share: Secure your trampoline!” officials quipped.

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