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Are you overpaying for your ELD services? GPSTab can help!


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In today’s competitive transportation industry, having the right technology at the right price can be the difference between the success or the failure of your trucking company.

Chicago, Illinois-based GPSTab provides trucking companies with a suite of affordable solutions to keep drivers compliant, safe, and operating at peak efficiency. Check out some of the company’s product offerings below!

No contract, no hassles, no hidden fees with top-rated GPSTab ELD

The GPSTab ELD can save you thousands by offering all-inclusive $29 upfront pricing. Many carriers have no idea that they could be overpaying up to $3,420 annually per truck with other ELD providers due to monthly fees.

BenefitsGPSTabOther ELDs
IFTA MilesFree$20 per truck
Legal flexible editsFree$250 per month
Live customer supportFree 24/7, 365 6 languages$15 per driver
1 unit x 12 months = other ELDs overcharge annually $3420

Companies that choose the wrong ELD can wind up paying a fortune in hidden fees and surprise expenses. While many ELD providers advertise that they offer free hardware, trucking companies often wind up paying expensive and unexpected bills when they terminate their agreement. GPSTab consistently offers fair, upfront pricing without hidden fees.

Lose a driver? With other ELDs, carriers are still going to pay monthly for driver subscriptions, even if they’re not using the ELD. This can add up to thousands of dollars a year. GPSTab ensures that you’ll only pay for the services that you actually use.

GPSTab ELD edit features save time and money

GPSTab is the most intuitive app on the market. Its hours of service features are easier to use than any other ELD on the market. No more confusion around your split sleeper or adverse driving features.

Improve efficiency by maximizing drive time

MIT researchers recently told Congress that truckers lose about 40% of their driving time every day to inefficiencies. GPSTab allows your driving team to save their hours and make more money every day with easy-to-use Adverse Driving and Split-Sleeper features.

GPSTab’s dash cam solutions help protect your driver from the unexpected

Has a shipper ever blamed your driver for a damaged load? GPSTab helps you prove what really happened with dash cam video solutions. GPSTab’s dash camera also records unsafe road events such as harsh braking, accelerating, and turning which you can view in a downloadable report.

Locate assets in seconds with GPSTab’s unique Tail Light GPS Trackers

A tracker is useless if it can just be removed. GPSTab offers one-of-a-kind covert Tail Light Trackers that look and work just like regular tail lights so they can easily be hidden in plain sight. 

GPSTab’s powerful tools can transform your company’s day-to-day operations

See the quick demo video below for an overview of the user-friendly features of the GPSTab ELD tracking system.

Make the right choice for your fleet

You can’t afford to overpay for your ELD services. Get GPSTab’s special pricing on your ELD by clicking here.

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