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Cali police warn drivers that theft of specific truck parts is on the rise 


Police in Bakersfield, California are warning drivers about a rise in the theft common powertrain controller modules in semi trucks. 

Officers in Kern County specifically say that the theft of common powertrain controller (CPC) modules have been on the rise right alongside catalytic converter thefts. The CPC controls important engine and powertrain functions, and a truck without a CPC is inoperable. 

Currently, there is a global shortage of CPCs, prompting thieves to target the parts, which can be reprogrammed for use in other trucks, and sell them on the black market for $4,000 to $8,000. The original price of a new CPC typically ranges from $1,400 to $1,600. 

KGET News reports that thieves can remove the modules in a matter of minutes, and often cause damage to windows, dashboards, and wire harnesses in the process. 

The Bakersfield Police Department recommends truckers take these tips into consideration to prevent theft:

  • Park in an illuminated area and position your truck in the view of surveillance cameras.
  • Park in parking lots with security personnel. If traveling, plan ahead to locate safe areas to park.
  • Install an alarm system on your vehicle.
  • When exiting your vehicle, roll up all windows, lock the doors, and ensure your keys are in you possession.
  • Enable password protection for the CPC. Contact the vehicle manufacture for more information.
  • Remain vigilant and report suspicious persons to law enforcement.

If you have your CPC stolen, one option is reporting the incident to Daimler Truck North America, which can prevent thieves from re-programming the device for resale. Anyone with information regarding theft of CPC’s are urged to contact BPD at 661-327-7111.


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