The notorious “Can Opener” bridge took the top off yet another semi truck on Monday morning. 

The accident happened on September 26th in August, Maine at the notorious 12 foot, 9 inch tall bridge on Water Street. 

According to Central Maine News, a semi truck was heading south on Water Street at 10:17 a.m. when it tried to drive under the bridge. The top of the trailer snagged on the bridge, tearing off some of the trailer roof and buckling a portion of the walls. 

Details on the driver have not been released, but the investigation reveals that the truck was listed as a private individual in Lynn, Massachusetts. The truck’s driver is also said to be from Massachusetts. 

Investigators say that the truck kept going after striking the bridge and also struck a light pole. 

“It disfigured the trailer,” Lloyd said. “It was significant damage.”

A warning system for the bridge was proposed in 2017, but it was never built because 2020 bids came in too high and DOT decided against the project.

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