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CAT Scale Roll Out of Digitally Signed Scale Tickets


PRESS RELEASE JULY 27 — At locations across the U.S. and Canada CAT Scale is installing new software and signature pads that will allow weighmasters to digitally sign scale tickets. The weighmaster will only be able to digitally integrate their signature into their login profile. This means no more physical signing of the paper ticket.

The big benefit drivers will see is when using the Weigh My Truck app. Now all locked PDF scale tickets through the app will be signed and legal for trade.

“This software update presents significant time savings for the weighmaster and is also a big deal for drivers who are selling by weight. They now can use the app and have a signed, legal for trade scale ticket in PDF form,” says Heather DeBaillie, Vice President of Marketing.

The signature feature is close to full roll-out now and is expected to be complete at all CAT Scale locations by the end of this month.


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