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Closure of every major road in northeastern Colorado leaves truckers stranded 


A blizzard in eastern Colorado prompted the closure of every major road in the northeastern part of the state on Tuesday, leaving truckers stranded. 

The December 13th closures left truck drivers in the area with no choice but to shut down and wait it out. Interstate 70 and Interstate 76 were both closed down for more than 100 miles, and nearly every other major roadway between Denver and Kansas were shut down as well. In Colorado, there are no other major interstates that directly connect Denver to the rest of the country to the east and west, reported 9 News.

“Sitting here, I’m not really making money,” said Thomas Mack, a truck driver who stopped at a gas station in Hudson, Colorado that was full of drivers wishing they were out on the road. “If I can keep the truck moving, that’s how I can keep making the money.”

“If you get delayed, that really sets your schedule back,” said Isaac Kocho, who was stuck waiting for hours in the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr. “Time is of the essence. When there are backups and delays and road closures, it really does set us back.”

“You’ve pretty much got I-70, 25, and 76. There’s probably back ways in that I don’t know about, but those roads are going to be closed longer than what the interstates will be,” Mack continued.

“The safest thing to do is just to wait and not take any chances or risks because it could get catastrophic,” Kocho said. “It all comes down to mother nature.”


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