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Coalition of U.S. trucking companies to send more than $350K in humanitarian aid to Ukraine


A growing number of trucking companies have responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine by pledging hundreds of thousands of dollars towards desperately needed humanitarian aid.

The fundraising campaign in support of the Ukranian people is called “Trucking & Logistics Professionals For Ukraine” and it is being spearheaded by Illinois-based trucking company GP Transco.

Funds from the campaign will go directly to three groups working to provide direct relief for the Ukranian people — Save The Children, UNICEF, and ICRF.

The company says that within 72 hours, they’ve secured commitments from 19 trucking and logistics companies to donate over $350,000. GP Transco says that each of the companies listed below in no particular order have committed to donating between $10,000 and $50,000.

GP Transco 

Unlimited Carriers

Arka Express

Brite Logistics

GTS Transportation

KGZ Transport

Highboost Corporation

HMD Trucking Inc.

Cadence Premier Logistics

MB Global Logistics

Artur Express


Fleet Advantage


Pilot Flying J

Bond Transit 

AITIM Consulting

Molo Logistics


“The people of Ukraine are currently in dire need of assistance, and we want to do everything in  our power to bring humanitarian aid to them. We started by reaching out to the trucking companies near us in Illinois; with 19 companies currently on board, we are in talks with two dozen other companies in our industry. The people of Ukraine need our help; contact GP Transco directly if you’d like to join us. We don’t have ties to Ukraine nor an office there – it just seems like the right thing to do,” said Dominic Zastarskis, CEO of GP Transco.

“When GP Transco contacted us to help, we did not hesitate; we wanted to help,” said Artur Express Vice President of Operations Kristi Randall. “Our hearts and payers go to the people of Ukraine.”

Given the massive toll that the Russian invasion is taking on Ukraine’s people and infrastructure, more help is needed. GP Transco leaders say that they are working on securing donations from several other trucking companies to support the people of Ukraine.

If you are a member of the trucking industry who is interested in helping – what can you do? 

For more information on how you can help with the Trucking & Logistics Professionals For Ukraine project, please reach out to GP Transco’s  VP of Business Development, Sergey Bort at [email protected].


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