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Company blames driver’s high speed for dramatic crash into river


The trucking company responsible for the truck that crashed into a river in Massachusetts on Monday says that the driver is to blame for the dramatic incident. 

The crash happened on Saturday, February 26th, and was captured on video, during which the driver can be seen clinging to the cab of his truck, apparently unable to swim. Miraculously, the driver was not seriously hurt and was released from the hospital by Saturday evening, though his company says he is still shaken up from the incident, reported 5 ABC News.

Since the crash, investigators and R&F Transportation, the trucking company who employs the driver and owns the truck, say that excessive speed was the reason behind the crash. In fact, R&F Transportation has been cited for speeding three times in the last two years, including once for 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. 

An investigation into R&F Transportation’s federal safety record reveals that the company has had a conditional safety rating since 2016 – a rating that rests between satisfactory and unsatisfactory. 


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