The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) says that more than 6000 vehicles were inspected during an unannounced initiative targeting vehicles transporting hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

The “HM/DG Road Blitz” five day inspection event took place June 13 — 17, 2022, throughout the U.S. and Canada.

During the event, commercial motor vehicle inspectors inspected 6,204 vehicles transporting hazardous materials/dangerous goods (HM/DG). A total of 6,668 HM/DG packages were also inspected.

A total of 1,774 violations were discovered during the HM/DG Road Blitz.

The CMV inspectors discovered the following violations:

  • 408 shipping papers violations
  • 269 non-bulk/small means of containment packaging violations
  • 272 bulk packaging/large means of containment placarding violations
  • 76 non-bulk/small means of containment labeling violations
  • 159 bulk packaging/large means of containment placarding violations
  • 79 other safety marks violations
  • 168 loading and securement violations
  • 43 HM/DG package integrity (leaking) violations
  • 84 Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training Certificate violations (Canada only)

According to the CVSA, the HM/DG Road Blitz helps increase awareness of the HM/DG rules and regulations in place to keep the driver, the public and the environment safe. It also highlights the hard-working, specially trained commercial motor vehicle law enforcement individuals who inspect vehicles transporting HM/DG.


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