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“Faith in their GPS” to blame for big rig damage, hangups at local intersection, police say


Pennsylvania police are paying special attention to an intersection in Mechanicsburg after multiple semi trucks have made illegal turns, causing traffic situations and property damage. 

The intersection in question sits on Main and North Walnut Streets, where big rigs are specifically not permitted to make turns onto the narrow roadways. But Cumberland County Police say that this hasn’t stopped them from doing so anyway. 

“We get a few times a month where someone will call and say there’s a truck stuck here at the intersection it’s a very small intersection and not suited for tractor trailers not turning at all,” Sergeant Timothy Dyer said to ABC 27 News.

Dyer says that, in addition to getting stuck and blocking traffic, some semi trucks attempting the illegal turns have even damaged property. 

“The side of the trailer hits the posts and damages it as you can see it dented up and the paint is all scrapped up you can even see some metal shavings here that have come off too,” Dyer said, pointing out the sign that reads ‘no turns for trucks over 25 feet long.’ But Dyer says that these signs seem to make little difference for those out-of-town drivers just looking to make their deliveries. 

“Many times they are not from this area and unfortunately, it seems like they almost have an unfollowable faith in their GPS to get to where they need to get to, regardless of any other regulatory signs,” Dyer said.

Dyer says that officers are paying special attention to the area and are prepared to issue citations to truckers in an attempt to prevent any more dangerous illegal turns. 

“It’s most likely they would get a traffic citation for disobedience to traffic control devices for turning in violation of the posted sign,” Dyer said.


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