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Felons offered second chance at small Va. trucking company who gets where they’re coming from


A small trucking company in Virginia is doing their part to offer up a second chance to people previously convicted of a felony by giving them a shot at the trucking industry. 

Triple Vision Logistics and KJ Dispatch Service in Virginia Beach are owned and operated by a husband and wife team who are familiar with the struggles of life after a felony conviction. Marcus Little, co-owner of the companies with his wife, Angela, was convicted of armed robbery – a felony – after driving the getaway car at just 19 years old. Now, he’s using his own experience to help others find their way in the world after getting out of prison. 

“I served 7 years, 1 month, 1 day,” Marcus explained. “I was just going along for the ride being young, dumb, thinking it was a great idea.” He says that prison was a difficult time in his life, but restarting his life after getting out of prison was even harder. Marcus found restarting his life so difficult, that he even considered going back to a life of crime just as a way to make something happen for himself. 

“I thought I would feel lower being in prison, but sometimes coming home and not being able to provide or do what you’re supposed to do can make you feel even lower,” he said to Denver 7 News.

“I was willing to commit a crime with chances of going back because I felt like what was the point of me being here. I didn’t have another shot. I make it a point for convicted felons when they come home, I try to give them hope because I know at that point in my life I really did consider going back.”

In addition to recruiting felons, Marcus and Angela speak at local high schools and recruit drivers from local driving schools. Angela says that helping people make their own way in the world is what excites her about the companies they’ve started. 

“It just excites me to inspire or help build up another household, teaching them more of generational wealth, being independent, being your own boss,” Angela said. 

“Due to the shortage, this is a great time to come in just to learn how to do the logistics,” Angela continued, who also mentioned that they’ve trained over 100 dispatchers at KJ Dispatch Service. 

 “I would love to see more women getting in the industry, more women holding their CDLs.”

Marcus and Angela say that their drivers stay in the region so that they can spend a reasonable time at home and that they get paid well – around $100,000 a year. 

“You can’t cry over spilled milk, you know? You have to learn how to deal with stuff and not dwell in it,” Marcus said.


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