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Four wheelers demanding payment for Love’s fuel mix-up that damaged cars 


15 motorists are asking Love’s to reimburse them for damage done to their vehicles after the wrong fuel was offloaded into the gas pumps. 

WHIO 7 News reports that a diesel delivery made last week was offloaded into the wrong tank at the Love’s in Clark County, Ohio, causing multiple motorists to fill their gas cars with diesel. 

“Somehow or another it was dropped into the 87 octane tank,” Marc Holt, director of the auditor’s office Weights & Measures Bureau, previously said.

Now, several motorists say their cars are acting up after being filled with the wrong fuel at no fault of their own. 

“[We] started getting on the interstate, it started going in and out,” said Chris North, whose Honda Accord started acting up on the highway after fueling up at the Love’s. 

“They said I only have a weeks worth of rental car. I said, ‘Well can you pay up front?’ They said, ‘No, we don’t do that either,’” North said.

Other motorists say their estimated repairs range from $250-$800, and the solutions range from flushing and draining the tank, to new fuel pumps and injectors. 

Love’s has confirmed 15 driver reports of car issues, but believe that the number could grow to 25. 

“On Nov. 11 Love’s was notified that there was an isolated incident in a regular unleaded tank at its Springfield location,” Caitlin Jensen, external communications manager for Love’s said. “The issue was immediately addressed at the location and Love’s is resolving the issue with impacted customers.

Love’s says they’ll reimburse customers for repairs they consider reasonable and necessary, but did not offer any up front financial assistance, or explain what sort of repairs may be considered ‘reasonable.’

“They’ll cover reasonable expenses. What is reasonable?” North asked. “I feel [the company] should tell you what they are going to cover up front and pay for the expenses up front,” he said.


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