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Gear Head’s 5th wheel grease pads: Truckers share honest reviews of the industry’s best kept secret


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It isn’t often that a product comes along that actually makes life easier for truck drivers.

Since 2019, Cedar Falls, Iowa-based lubricant solutions company Gear Head has quietly developed a cult following among the men and women of the trucking community for their innovative 5th Wheel Grease Pads. 

Over the past few years, a small but growing number of truck drivers and fleet owners who happen to have encountered the product at trade shows or truck stops say that it has become their secret weapon to help ditch the mess and frustration of the grease gun for good. 

If you haven’t heard — the grease pads are small, square, and soy-based, compact enough to make them easy to stow on your truck. They’re placed on the 5th wheel surface, then the weight of the trailer and the turning action of the truck will do the rest of the work to spread the grease evenly. Users say that the product is unfussy and uncomplicated, and that it manages to be both environmentally-friendly and — most importantly — trucker-friendly.

Following a strong showing at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as a Heavy Duty Trucking Top 20 Product of 2022 Award, word-of-mouth is spreading among members of the trucking community about how Gear Head is making life on the road a little easier — and a lot less messy.

Here’s what truckers have to say.

Drivers Share Their Real Life Experience With Gear Head’s 5th Wheel Grease Pads

  • Gear Head 5th wheel lube is simple and easy, efficient, effective, and homegrown. Simply place it on the plate. It is cost effective per application. It stays where you put it. It doesn’t drool grease all over your frame like a St. Bernard. Easy to handle and easy to store. You can handle it in 100-degree heat without getting messy. You can see that it is still there even after multiple drop and hooks. And it is sustainable, made with products grown right here in North America! This should be the standard across the industry,” — Vince Crisanti with Paw Creek Trucking
  • The Gear Head grease pads are great — the grease coats the plate longer than traditional loose grease does, and it’s quick and easy to use. Storage for them is awesome, as you can carry enough for several months in a small box. 2 pads last 2-3 weeks, no problem. The plate still has more grease after those 2 weeks than it does with typical grease. There’s no messy half-empty tubes, just biodegradable grease blocks that are solid until smashed. It would be great to see these become the expected go-to 5th wheel grease for truckers,” — Amy Lance of Crow and Wolf LLC.
  • When I first saw the product I was skeptical but thought what the heck it’s worth a try. Since then it’s all I will use! I love the fact that the packaging is small and doesn’t take up much room in my side box and there is no mess. Once you figure out the placement of the pads on the fifth wheel it’s a piece of cake. I’ve used pretty much everything on the market and this one beats them all hands down,” — Lonnie Smith

Check out a quick video testimonial and product demo from Bill Clark of Fully Loaded Trucking below.

For a second look at how the Gear Head product works, you can check out another product demo video here.

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Gear Head’s 5th Wheel Grease Pads are patented in the U.S. and manufactured in Cedar Falls, Iowa using locally-sourced soy oil derived from Iowa farmer-produced soybeans.

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