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Georgia DPS calls out trucker’s messy cab as ‘extremely dangerous’


On Wednesday morning, the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) took to social media to call out a trucker for the junk food and beverage containers they discovered during a CMV inspection.

In the August 24 post, Georgia DPS said:

Seriously! There are no words for this one. . . SFC Patterson (Region A) stopped this CMV for an inspection, and when the door opened, he was at a loss for words. This is extremely dangerous; please keep the items in your cab secured so they will not hinder your driving.

Several people commented on the post, pointing out the danger of having so much trash in the cab. Others said that this is a more common sight than one might expect.

“So dangerous! All I can think is what if one of those plastic bottles make their way under the pedals. I’m paranoid about that from a movie I watched years ago. A can of vegetables rolled and the driver couldn’t stop. I put a knot in all my grocery bags. Like Final Destination movie scary,” one user said.

“In my ten years of driving I have seen this at soo many truck stops seeing drivers get in and out,” said another commenter.


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