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Getting the job done in severe weather


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For a trucker like Ray Wilburn, the job doesn’t stop when snowy winter weather hits. So, when 8 inches of snow fell during a trip through Illinois last year, the Big Rig Rake became a lifesaver. 

“The Big Rig Rake is the piece of equipment I have been needing for years,” Wilburn said. “My trailer is a little over 13 feet high and I had no trouble reaching the rake up to that height. What would have taken me an hour or more only took half of that.” 

Normally, Wilburn said he would have been armed with a ladder to make the risky climb up the back of his trailer and used a shovel to push off snow and ice. The Big Rig Rake’s angled handle allows users to stay on the ground while working. It makes a snap of snow removal while avoiding costly injury.

“The unique bend of the handle makes all the difference,” Wilburn said. 

In addition to the angled handle, the Big Rig Rake has extension handles reaching 15.5’ that snap together, making assembly tool-free and quick. It has a lightweight construction that is easy to lift and is ergonomically designed for effortless use. Every Big Rig Rake comes with a durable nylon bag for easy storage. 

“I store all the pieces in the bag that came with it, and it fits nicely in my truck,” Wilburn said. “This is a piece of equipment I will always keep with me. When I run into severe weather on the interstate, I know I have a tool that gets the job done.” 

The Big Rig Rake is also perfect for use on buses, RVs, and vans. It prevents chunks of ice and snow from dropping off tall vehicles and posing a threat to surrounding drivers and the potential for fines.

The hazards of heavy snow and ice accumulations on trucks came into focus in the early 2000s when a fatal accident occurred in New Hampshire. Jessica Smith was killed when an ice block fell off the top of a tall truck, hit a second truck, and resulted in a head-on collision with Jessica’s car. A few years later, a law was passed in New Hampshire called Jessica’s Law, requiring drivers to clear their vehicle rooftops before getting on the road. Twelve states have adopted similar laws and some issue fines of up to $1,500 for commercial drivers who fail to remove the hazardous snow and ice from the tops of trailers, according to the American Trucking Association. 

The Big Rig Rake provides truckers with a safe way to clean the tops of their trailers and prevent accidents from falling ice and snow. Now, driving across the country in the winter is significantly more manageable and safer. The Big Rig Rake has completely changed traveling for not only truckers, but the countless other drivers who are on the road each day. 

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