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VIDEO: Hate to say that the trucker might actually be at fault for this one 


Viewers are debating whether the driver or the motorist are more at fault in this short dash cam clip. 

In the video, a truck driver is traveling in the fast lane when he drifts to the right and clips a car attempting to slowly pass on the right. The car is then pushed against the front passenger side of the truck and the two vehicles eventually slide to the left and collide with the barrier wall. 

The car comes to a stop directly in front of the truck’s grill and eventually tries to back up and out of the situation but snags on the truck’s bumper and then smacks back into the barrier wall. 

“I was a truck driver but in this I hate to say the Trucker was at fault,” wrote one viewer.

“The trucker should never be in the far left lane unless to pass in a two-lane, but in a three +, you shouldn’t be in that lane at all,” wrote another. 

“The dangerous situation began with the trucker being in a lane he shouldn’t have . He then clearly swerved out of his lane causing the accident. His fault. That, however doesn’t absolve the automobile driver from his stupidity. NEVER pass a semi on the right,” added a third.

Watch the video, below.


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