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How The ES Advantage Program Is Delivering Savings On Insurance & Other Key Line Items Within Your Trucking Operation


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By Jeff Reese

Director of Sales & Marketing

ES – Vendor Network Services

If you are an owner-operator or a trucking business owner, you already know the importance of having the right insurance coverage in place for your operation. If you are thinking about becoming an owner-operator or you are an aspiring entrepreneur considering getting into the trucking industry, you will quickly recognize that, much like the purchase of your first gallon of fuel, you cannot start moving toward any level of success in trucking without first securing a solid insurance plan for your truck or fleet.

When we are looking at the cost of insurance these days for a single truck or a small fleet, the cost for coverage – much like the price of fuel – is on the rise. Without question, the challenge of managing all the costs required to run a successful small trucking business can become a steep climb – especially when you consider that larger trucking companies have the ability to hold stronger buying power, partially due to the size of their respective fleets.

If you are in the market for better insurance options or you would like to examine a comprehensive set of offerings that will allow you to manage the costs within your trucking operation, the ES Advantage is here to help. From the very start of our company in 2006, the founders of ES took the approach of looking at the trucking industry from the truck level upward.

By observing trucking from the eyes of the men and women behind the wheel as well as the fleet owners with small operations, the entire ES Team gained a deep appreciation for the challenges that exist within the business of trucking. Over the years, ES began building programs and service offerings that have continually promoted the launch and the growth of small trucking businesses.

Today, as trucking and the business owners within the industry continue to face rising costs, we have a large and growing community of owner-operators, fleet owners and a vendor network that has the size, strength and buying power of a megacarrier. The ES Advantage program grew out of the needs of our ES Community and the demand within the trucking marketplace to offer a comprehensive set of service offerings that can assist owner-operators and trucking business owners to level the playing field in an industry where the size of your fleet plays a huge role in your ability to mitigate your costs.

We designed the ES Advantage program to provide the opportunity for owner-operators, fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs to be placed in the best position for success in the trucking industry. Through the ES Advantage, we provide our program participants with industry-leading discounts on fuel, maintenance and repair, tires, insurance and a host of comprehensive services – all designed to deliver savings to the bottom line.

On this edition of the ES Advantage Podcast, you will hear a discussion about the cost of insurance and the approach we have taken to help level the playing field through our network of national providers. You’ll also hear us talk in detail about the real savings that the ES Advantage can deliver to owner-operators, fleet owners and trucking entrepreneurs.

Listen To The ES Advantage Podcast

If you would like to learn more about the ES Advantage program, we invite you to listen to the podcast interview included with this article. We would also like to invite you to visit us on the web at ES-Advantage.com. If you would like to call us and talk to our ES Advantage Team members, our toll-free number is 866-811-3033.

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