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Illinois businesses frustrated over trucks parking in vacant lots 


Illinois businesses are looking to stop semi trucks from parking in vacant lots, citing “costly repairs” due to damaged fences. 

Park Forest, Illinois passed an ordinance back in February forbidding trucks over 8,000 pounds from parking on residential lots, driveways, or vacant commercial properties. The ordinance includes tow trucks, dump trucks, buses, special mobile equipment, farm equipment, and tractor trailers. The one exception includes “tow trucks with companies who have a Home Occupation Registration and/or Business License Registration,” reported Park Forest News.

The ordinance was passed “to address the parking of second division and similar commercial vehicles on residential lots and on the property of shuttered businesses. The parking of second division vehicles on residential lots is an eyesore and perceived to negatively impact home values. Furthermore, this change would bring existing neighborhoods in line with Uniform Development Ordinance, which impacts new developments. Similarly, the parking of these vehicles on the property of vacant businesses is an eyesore that is perceived to negatively impact the property value of commercial areas and to generally contribute to an appearance of blight. Currently, several locations of vacant business property are being used as storage for semi tractors and often trailers as well.”

Despite the recently passed ordinance, Members of Ash Street Cooperative still regularly report trucks parking in the vacant commercial lot at the northeast corner of Western Avenue and 26th Street and backing into the fences, causing damage. The Co-op claims to have racked up $1900 in fence repairs due to the truck parking, and is seeking a way to further prevent trucks from using the empty lot. 

“We are disappointed that we are still faced with trucks parked up against our fence,” said Antoinette Dabney-Wooten, President of Ash Street Cooperative. “Repairs are very costly.”

The cooperative is now urging anyone who sees truckers parking in the vacant lots to contact the police at their non-emergency number – 708-748-4700.


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