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In Their Own Words: Driving with Nussbaum


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We may be slightly biased, but we think our drivers are the best of the best. Their purpose-driven attitude and ownership mindset is what drives Nussbaum’s success. But don’t take our word for it! Let’s hear directly from our our professional drivers about what drives them. 

Jeff Wood – Driven by an unwavering commitment to his faith and family. 

Jimmie Hall – Driven by incredible determination and freedom. 

At Nussbaum, “purpose-driven” is more than a catchphrase – it’s the core of who we are. It means that we do more than “show up” for work. Like Jeff, we are driven by a desire to love our families and live out our faith. Like Jimmie, we tackle each new challenge with courage and determination. Ultimately, our vision as a company is to be purpose-driven in everything we do and positively impact the lives of everyone we interact with. This commitment stems from (and would not be possible without) our values:

  • We engage honestly
  • We do the right thing
  • We strive to be people of character
  • We give it our best
  • We give back

As our leadership, drivers, and employees root themselves in this foundation (what we refer to as “owning it”), it creates a culture that spills into every interaction. It’s the reason we take care of our people and why our people take care of our customers.

We Take Care of our People

Our founder, Alden Nussbaum, used to say that “if you take care of your people, the rest will take care of itself.” Let’s hear once more from the people of Nussbaum, about how this philosophy has impacted them:

  • “Being immersed in the culture at Nussbaum creates a unique will to do better – to work more intentionally, to speak kinder to others, and to seek out joyful experiences.” – Jeni, Account Manager
  • “The people here at Nussbaum go to work for you. We’re family – not just a number or somebody who drives a truck.” – Gordon, Driver
  • “People feel safe here. They like spending time here and doing life together. I feel empowered to try new things and take risks.” – Kyle, Marketing Specialist  
  • “On a personal level, Nussbaum has helped me become debt-free. With consistent pay and increases in pay, I’ve been able to dig myself out of a hole and enjoy life along the way.” – Mike, Driver 

Nussbaum was founded in 1945 in Fairbury, Illinois, and has grown to become an award-winning fleet, providing truckload services and dedicated carriage to customers across the U.S. In 2018, Nussbaum transitioned 35% of the company ownership to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, allowing all employee owners to share financially in the success they help create.

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