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Iowa DOT calls out driver for hauling 50K pound excavator with ‘absolutely no’ load securement


On Tuesday, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement took to Facebook to issue a warning about load securement after an encounter with a driver hauling an excavator.

Officials asked drivers to be extra aware of load securement and brake issues after an officer encountered an alarming heavy equipment haul.

From Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement:

Happy Tuesday! While we have you here, lets talk about load securement and brakes. Each of them important in their own way and required per federal regulations.

In these photos, there are issues that are not difficult to spot. You will find a 50,000lbs excavator loaded on a trailer with absolutely no load securement. You will also find a brake that hasn’t been operable for some time. We shouldn’t need to lecture anyone on the importance of making sure your vehicle can stop safely. We also shouldn’t need to tell you that we really prefer cargo to stay contained on the vehicle. Deer in Iowa are bad enough – we don’t want to swerve around a 50,000lbs machine lying in the middle of the road.

Please do your part in keeping our roadways safe. Everyone appreciates it!


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