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Iowa DOT urges truckers to park at scale houses, promises no inspections or waking drivers


Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement recently took to social media to encourage truckers to take advantage of overnight parking opportunities at weigh stations.

In an October 19 Facebook post, Iowa DOT addressed a major point of concern for truckers across the country — safe truck parking availability — and offered a solution.

From Iowa DOT:

Parking for commercial vehicles has been a hot topic around the nation for some time. We wanted take the opportunity to share something about CMV parking here in Iowa.

This photo was taken this morning around 6:30am at our Dallas County scale on I-80. Routinely, the parking lot in the morning is not much busier than this. There is never a time when a spot is not available.

Please utilize the parking we have! Lastly, for those wondering, no, these drivers are not inspection nor are they woken up at any time for inspection. They deserve a good night’s sleep like everyone else!

Be safe and enjoy Iowa

In just a few hours, the post has been liked more than 600 times and garnered dozens of comments, both from drivers who were appreciative of the message, and others who remain skeptical.

This message literally made me tear up. I have been driving almost 38 years, and the misinformation out there is horrible because people honestly do believe they are harassed if they sleep at a scale house. I am so glad that you posted this message because it is a very important message. You have just reiterated what I have been telling people for years, that Iowa state patrol and the Iowa department of vehicle enforcement are the best in the nation. And the best thing about you guys is you treat all people with dignity and respect. Thank you for this wonderful message,” said one commenter.

Another person said, “I’d rather sleep in a scale than in a truck stop; at least I know the scale is safe and don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in to my truck or trailer.

Yep so you can get woken up to an inspection since you’re already on the property,” another commenter said.


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