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Owner/Ops reputation at risk as cargo thefts continue, drivers lament 


Police are investigating several large cargo thefts in Georgia after a total of almost $100,000 worth of cargo was stolen out of trailers parked in a truck lot. 

The most recent victim of cargo theft, an owner operator in DeKalb County who does want to be named, says that almost 200 truck tires were stolen from his trailer when he parked at the ABA Enterprise truck lot last weekend – more than $70,000 worth of cargo. 

“I saw the container open and I looked and I said, ‘This isn’t my container.’ I went to look at the number because I could not believe. The door was wide open,” the trucker said. 

He says he hauled the partial load to its destination in Alabama anyway, but was only able to provide 54 of the 184 expected tires, and is now left to deal with the aftermath of a deal gone wrong. 

“Those guys received 54 tires, so they said 184 tires were missing and they said over $70,000 in product. It ended up putting a lien on my insurance,” he said.

“Brokers can say, ‘I don’t want to work with this guy anymore because his stuff gets stolen.’ It can damage my company really bad,” the man said of the consequences to his company’s reputation. 

A second driver parked in the same lot told FOX 5 that he also had cargo stolen – $20,000 worth. Police say they are investigating both incidents, but no potential suspects have been named. 

“It’s something that I really love doing. It’s a good job. A good paying job… Us truck drivers are trying our best to survive and feed our kids,” the anonymous driver continued. 

“Just be careful where you’re parking your truck. Always be on alert and of your surroundings.”


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