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PennDOT gets rid of weight class stickers


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced on Friday that the use of weight class stickers has been eliminated.

In a March 18 press release, PennDOT said that weight class stickers requirements were removed, effective on January 29, 2022, “in a continuing focus on modernization and streamlining processes as well as an added convenience to customers.”

The agency previously announced plans to eliminate weight class stickers in 2020.

PennDOT says that eliminating weight class stickers will have no bearing on revenue as application fees are collected in accordance with established fee schedules.

“Historically, trucks with a registered weight of 5,001 pounds or greater were required to display a truck weight class sticker on the inside of their vehicles windshield,” PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian said. “This was an antiquated and unreliable indicator for law enforcement and inconvenient for the industry/vehicle owners. The reliable way to determine the vehicle’s registered weight is for the law enforcement officer to review the current registration card.

“Elimination of weight class stickers is a win-win for PennDOT and the trucking industry, saving costs and cutting needless red tape,” Rebecca Oyler, Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA) President and CEO said. “PMTA has long supported this change and is pleased with this final rulemaking, which will benefit the owners of an estimated 1.6 million commercial and non-commercial vehicles.”

See below for Frequently Asked Questions on the elimination of weight class stickers by PennDOT.

1. Why is PennDOT no longer issuing truck weight class stickers?
Registration class stickers were an antiquated and unreliable indicator for law enforcement and an inconvenient administrative burden for the industry/vehicle owners. Their elimination will result in a cost savings for taxpayers. 

2. Do I still have to register my vehicle?
Yes. Customers are still required to maintain current vehicle registration, and must present a registration card to law enforcement when asked. A valid registration card is also still required when having a safety and/or emissions inspection completed.

3. How will law enforcement know the weight class of my vehicle?
A vehicle’s weight classification is printed on the vehicle’s registration card carried within a vehicle and produced during a vehicle stop. Law enforcement determines the vehicle’s registered weight by reviewing the current registration card. Law enforcement also has access to the record to confirm the information on the registration card.

4. Do I have to remove my sticker(s) on or after January 29, 2022?
No, you are not required to remove your sticker(s).


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