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Pop star files restraining order against trucker who believes she’s messaging him 


A truck driver seems to be the victim of a  ‘catfish’ scam and now has a restraining order filed against him. 

A truck driver has had a restraining order filed against him by singer Kelly Clarkson after what appears to be a ‘catfishing’ scam. 

American Idol winner and pop star Kelly Clarkson has been granted a restraining order against a truck driver who showed up at her home in his bobtail truck and claimed she wanted to meet him. 

Truck driver Victor Fernandez was described as a “large and imposing man, approximately 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and over 250 lbs approached her driveway in a semi-truck (with no trailer), looking over her privacy gate, into her yard,” reported TMZ.

Fernandez showed up at Clarkson’s house in his rig three times on Thanksgiving and once on foot on December 3rd. Clarkson’ security team described the incident like this to Yahoo News:

“I have been in charge of (Kelly’s) personal security since 2017. On or about November 24, 2022 (Thanksgiving),  This individual returned twice on that day, once in the semi-truck, and once on foot. He returned again on foot on December 3, 2022. On the last two visits to the property, this individual spoke to house staff and advised them that he was there for Kelly and that she had told him to meet him there. On December 3, 2022, at 4:37 p.m., the singer’s nanny arrived at the property with her children in the family SUV.”

“This individual started gesturing or taking photographs of the SUV. (An employee) called the nanny, and told her that it was not safe to open the gate with this individual there, and she left the property with the children. She then called 911, and the police came and took a report. Before the police came, the individual remained on the property for a few minutes, taking photographs of the privacy gate and the property from the street.”

“He was wearing all black, with a New York Yankee’s baseball cap and an MLB Los Angeles All-Star game t-shirt, and was carrying a white ‘WSS’ bag. He was very large and physically imposing, approximately 6’3” tall and over 250 pounds. He did not ring the doorbell, but stepped out of the view of the doorbell camera, getting up on his tippy-toes, and looking over the privacy gate, while checking his phone. I then spoke to him through the camera system, asking him if he needed help.”

“He told me that he was there for Kelly. I told him that there was no Kelly there. He then said ‘this is Kelly Clarkson’s house,’ to which I responded ‘no.’ He then said “this is the second time she has done this . . . unless I am speaking to a scammer or something. He then walked up to the privacy gate, and tried to show me something on his phone, while saying ‘she is telling me to ring the bell.’ When I refused to let him in, he appeared to be irritated and confused, and asked: ‘Is this some kind of scam or something?’ He was getting more and more nervous as we spoke.”

“I then told him that he needed to leave. He said ok, but he lingered, still looking confused and irritated. He then walked away from the gate but remained at the front of the property across the street. At around that time, Kelly’s nanny arrived in the family SUV with her children. I saw this individual start to gesture or take a photograph of the SUV. I then called the nanny to tell her that it was not safe to open the gate with this individual there and that she should go somewhere safe with the children until the police could be called. She then left the property, and I called 911.”

The incident is still under investigation, but the situation does not seem to be the typical case of an obsessed fan, but instead appears to be a case of online ‘catfishing,’ meaning someone has convinced the driver that he is chatting with Clarkson online, and that she wants to meet him at her home. 

In her request for a restraining order, Clarkson wrote “I am afraid of what he might do if he is notified of the hearing without any restraining order in place.  I am in fear that he may cause harm to me, my children, or my property.”

The case is due back in court in January.


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