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Reese’s Pieces: The Power of Listening & Expanding Bilingual Outreach Efforts for ES Advantage Customers


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By Jeff Reese

Director of Sales & Marketing,

ES – Vendor Network Services

With the arrival of the holiday season and the last weeks of this year, we are reminded about the value of listening. It’s been proven through the years that listening is one of the best ways to Christmas shop. Those who listen for gift ideas when talking with family and friends throughout usually have the best success when it comes to putting those ideal presents under the tree.

Taking in feedback and being open to various perspectives can also be quite valuable for business owners at this time of year. If you are running a business and planning for the year ahead, listening to experts in the field as you review information on the road ahead is always a sound strategy.

Our team at ES Advantage believes very strongly in the power of listening. We are continually taking in feedback from our customers on what they need to be successful as business owners in the trucking industry, and we are always listening on how we can improve the services that we provide.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Andrea Flores shortly after she had joined our customer service team. If you recall, Andrea is bilingual, being fluent in Spanish. Andrea became a perfect fit for a need that we distinctly heard through the feedback we received from our bilingual ES Advantage customers.

It was clear to us that many of our customers who have learned English as a second language prefer to have more detailed conversations in Spanish. The initial customer feedback and response that we received after Andrea joined our team inspired us to explore how we could effectively expand on our outreach to the Spanish-speaking members of the ES Advantage program.

I am thrilled to share with you that we have added more bilingual professionals to support the needs of our customers who would prefer to have conversations about our program and their needs in Spanish. In October, Erika Harding and Chris Padilla joined the ES Advantage Team.

Both Erika and Chris have been very diligent in learning our systems and our ES Advantage program offerings. They have seen the dedication of our entire ES Advantage team when it comes to serving our customers’ needs.

Erika and Chris have seen first-hand that the ES Advantage is not limited to offering customers some of the deepest discounts in the industry when it comes to fuel, maintenance, insurance and other services owner-operators and small trucking operations utilize on a daily basis. In their new roles with the ES Advantage, Erika and Chris have already experienced how they can make a difference for our customers – just by listening (in both English and Spanish) and responding to their needs.

Listen To The ES Advantage Podcast

One of the best parts of being able to share our ES Advantage Podcast series through this platform on CDLLife is that you are able to hear directly from our team members. With the addition of Erikca and Chris to our ES Advantage family, we believed it was important for our podcast audience to get to know them a little better and further discuss our bilingual outreach efforts to the Spanish-speaking customers of the ES Advantage. As you’ll hear in this edition of the podcast, we brought together Erika, Chris and Andrea to share some notes about themselves, what they are learning about the trucking industry and how they are working to help ES Advantage customers.

While the majority of the podcast was recorded in English, we dedicated part of this episode to the Spanish speakers in our audience. As you will hear, Andrea leads a section of the podcast that is spoken exclusively in Spanish as she talks with Erika and Chris about their experiences and their initial work with the ES Advantage team.

Someone asked me recently to sum up what we do through the ES Advantage. I told the person who asked me that question that I could give you a summary of the ES Advantage in three words… We help people! At the end of the day, we are focused on doing all that we can to support our customers’ needs and to help them in their efforts to be successful in the trucking business.

We help people is a commitment that can be directly traced to the company motto of ES, which is NEVER STAND ALONE. Listening to our customers’ feedback and identifying your needs allows us to provide that help as we continue to work to make the road ahead a little smoother and more profitable for you.

As we move forward in this holiday season, our entire team at the ES Advantage would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad.

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