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Rude graffiti leaves trucker without rig while truck is repainted


A truck driver is being forced to take a few days without pay after his truck was vandalized in Boston over the weekend. 

The vandalism happened near 110 Talbot Avenue in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. 

Trucker Eugene Miles had parked his truck along Talbot Avenue during his home time, a spot he considered safe. But when he returned to his rig on Sunday, July 31st, he discovered rude, and even disrespectful graffiti painted onto the sides of it. His windshield and windows were even painted over with white paint, leaving the truck temporarily unusable. 

Now,  Miles says the damage will be taken care of, but he will have to go without pay while the truck is in the shop. 

“My insurance company is going to cover that but it’s not going to cover my two three days of pay, what I could’ve made,” Miles said, adding that this was only his second time parking in that location, but it will definitely be his last. 

“It’s in Dorchester and you often don’t see that,” Miles said to ABC 5. “But, nothing is shocking nowadays.”

The box truck parked in front of Miles was also vandalized. Miles says he hopes a nearby security camera is functional, otherwise, the police will have nothing to go on, and Miles will just have to move on and never park in that location again. 


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