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Specialized Transport Solutions: In uncertain times, this trucking company has your back


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So far, 2022 has presented the men and women of the trucking industry with unprecedented obstacles and uncertainty over what the future holds. The cost of diesel keeps going up, inflation has hit a 40 year high, and the freight market is alarmingly volatile.

STS provides consistent support to help company drivers succeed — no matter what

While times may be rough right now, one growing truckload carrier is working hard to set drivers up for success.

Franklin, Tennessee-headquartered Specialized Transport Solutions (STS) is helping truck drivers to choose a career path designed for certainty and stability in an increasingly fraught freight market. STS is a small company that takes pride in helping to bear the weight of larger expenses for their drivers so that they can thrive professionally, even in tough times.

Unlike drivers who work for many other trucking companies, STS drivers are W-2 workers, meaning that they enjoy all of the benefits that come with being classified as an employee and not an independent contractor.

Why does it matter whether you’re a W-2 worker or a 1099 contractor?

While many drivers point to the freedom they enjoy as a 1099 worker, there are robust advantages associated with employment as a company driver with STS.

  • Benefits like medical and dental insurance. As an STS company driver, you and your family enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having insurance to help cover medical costs.
  • 401k match plan. One of the most important things you can do to provide a more secure future for yourself and your family is to start saving — now. STS invests in the personal growth of its drivers by contributing to workers’ 401k plans.
  • Paid vacation. If you’re a 1099 driver, you’re only earning if the wheels are turning. As a company driver with STS, you can actually enjoy your time off the road with your family without getting behind on your bills thanks to the company’s paid time off policy.
  • Taking the headache out of tax time. Many 1099 drivers find themselves in an unpleasant situation each year when taxes come due. As a W-2 employee, your taxes are automatically deducted and you won’t be wrangling with nearly as many tax forms as a 1099 worker, saving you time and hassle.
  • Coverage if you’re hurt on the job. Trucking can be a tough job, and injuries and illness happen. As an STS company driver, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you’re sidelined by a medical issue.
  • 70 CPM on all miles. STS takes pride in providing company drivers with competitive compensation for each mile they drive.

Check out the video below for more reasons to drive with STS.

How can I join the Specialized Transport Solutions team?

STS was founded in 2014 with a single truck and has steadily grown to a fleet of more than 50 trucks providing dedicated, regional, and long-haul transport services to clients across the U.S. If you’re ready to join the Specialized Transport family as a member of the professional driving team, please click here to get started!

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