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Tennessee truckers say “nobody even cares” about rise in cargo thefts, including police 


Truckers in Tennessee say that they are disappointed in the police response to a recent increase in cargo thefts in the Memphis area. 

Husband-and-wife trucking team Craig and Tam Stevenson say that their scary cargo theft moment came on Tuesday, November 22nd as they were sleeping along BF Goodrich Boulevard near the Sysco warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. 

“About three o’clock this morning I get a knock on our door, and we were told our trailer had been broken into,” said Tam to News Channel 3.

The Stevensons say the police reported three trucks being broken into that night, but nothing was taken because officers believe the thieves are after food. They also pointed out that the lot has a guard shack, security cameras, and lights, but still no suspects were identified. 

“Yet the police come, and they say they’re (suspects) after food and we’re like we are surprised somebody hasn’t gotten shot and killed for breaking into a trailer,” said Tam.

“It seems like nobody even cares and like she mentioned if you go outside and find someone breaking into your trailer, they’re going to end up killing you,” Craig added. “They got cameras and yet nobody is catching anyone or doing anything? It’s almost like somebody who works here knows what’s coming in and tells somebody. So, they come over and start looking at trucks.”

“If somebody broke into your house what would you do? We are not violent people, but you get to the point where you just want to say enough is enough,” Craig continued. “Eventually somebody going get killed. So, it’s going to cost somebody’s life whether it’s the person breaking in or the person driving the truck… People don’t realize what you deal with every day as a truck driver.”

Cargo theft has been on the rise since COVID, but studies show that truck cargo theft is especially prominent on the week of Thanksgiving, particularly on Black Friday.


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