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The CDLLife App’s Addictive New Game is Highway Hunt!


Highway Hunt lets drivers flex their knowledge as they are challenged to use an image to guess real-world spots on U.S. highways– drop a pin in the map and make your guess. The faster you guess and the closer you get the more points you earn. This game is simple and intuitive to play but the difficulty of the challenges varies, making it an app experience that you’ll plug in for again and again!

If you’re looking for a fun daily challenge that tests your time on the road, you’ll find Highway Hunt is an original and trucker-focused way to play. Play on your iPhone or Android phone, check out Highway Hunt! 

How To Play

Your task is to place your pin in the right spot as quickly as possible!

📍 Pin 5 locations using visual clues of real-world streets and locations
🏔 Locations and difficulty levels change daily
💯 Locations are revealed and points are calculated based on accuracy
🥇 Watch your score climb on the leaderboard
📸 Submit your own photos from the road to be featured

Compete Against Others

Test your ability against players all across the United States. Level up your skill and compete against others on the ever-shifting Leaderboard! 

Join the Convoy

Invite your friends to compete against each other for an immersive and exciting game that is the first-ever trucker’s location-based game experience.

For drivers that are looking for mobile games with a focus on drivers and are a blast to play, CDLLife has developed one of the greatest scavenger hunts of all time! Just make sure you have CDLLife mobile app installed.


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