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ROCK HILL, SC (August 29, 2022) — ExpressTruckTax, the market-leading Form 2290 e-file provider, encourages drivers to file Form 2290 before the filing deadline to avoid being penalized by the IRS. The Form 2290 tax year goes from July 1st to June 30th of the following year, and the official deadline to file Form 2290 for the 2022-2023 tax year is August 31st, 2022. Since this deadline is only two days away, it is critical that drivers file this form as soon as possible.

What is Form 2290? 

Form 2290 is an IRS tax form filed annually by drivers of vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT).

What is a Stamped Schedule 1? 

By filing Form 2290, the driver will receive a current copy of their Stamped Schedule 1, which serves as proof that Form 2290 has been filed. This Stamped Schedule 1 is required in order to get a vehicle’s tags and registration. If a driver is found without a Stamped Schedule 1 they risk being fined or penalized. 

IRS Penalties for Form 2290

Vehicles that travel 5,000 miles or less, or 7,500 miles or less if used for agricultural purposes, are considered suspended by the IRS. No taxes are owed in regard to these vehicles, but Form 2290 must be filed. If Form 2290 is filed late or the tax is not paid, penalties and fines will accrue for these vehicles. The fine for not filing Form 2290 is greater than the fine for not paying the tax, this is why it is important to do both. For every month the deadline is missed there will be a penalty of 4.5% of the total tax due for up to five months. If the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is underpaid, there will be a penalty of 0.5 % of the tax due. Additional interest charges of 0.54% accrue each month that Form 2290 is not filed. This is why it is important to not only file Form 2290 but pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax as well. 

File and Pay your HVUT in Minutes with ExpressTruckTax!

With the Form 2290 filing deadline being so close, ExpressTruckTax offers a quick and easy solution for filing Form 2290 and paying the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax all in one convenient place. The entire filing process ExpressTruckTax offers users only takes a few easy-to-follow steps that can be completed anywhere from any device. Truckers simply enter their business information, vehicle information, and payment information. By using ExpressTruckTax to file Form 2290, users are now able to pay their tax alongside their filing fee directly from ExpressTruckTax using a credit or debit card. This eliminates the need for filers to go to an external site to make the tax payment and risks forgetting to pay their tax. 

When asked about the IRS Form 2290 being only two days away, Agie Sundaram, the CEO and Co-founder of SPAN Enterprises, the parent company of ExpressTruckTax, responded, “Even with such a short time left to file Form 2290, ExpressTruckTax offers truckers the solution they need to get their Form 2290 filing done stress-free. Our bilingual customer support experts are working extended hours to answer any filing questions you may have and ensure you get the most out of your ExpressTruckTax filing experience.”

The Form 2290 due date is this Wednesday, which is only two days away. File now at expresstrucktax.com to take advantage of the easy-to-use Form 2290 e-filing solution to ensure Form 2290 is filed on time.  

ExpressTruckTax, a leading IRS-authorized 2290 e-file provider, has been helping thousands of truckers file their 2290 for the past 10 years. ExpressTruckTax’s offerings don’t end with Form 2290. Drivers can also file Form 2290 amendments and Form 8849 if any corrections are needed to be added to the filed Form 2290. 

SPAN Enterprises, the parent company of ExpressTruckTax, creates industry-leading solutions for IRS tax e-filing and the transportation industry. Located in the heart of downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina, SPAN Enterprises is proof that big ideas can grow and thrive in a small town.

SPAN Enterprises develops, supports, and grows powerful applications. This includes TaxBandits, ExpressTaxExempt, TruckLogics, ExpressExtension, and more. Learn more at https://www.spanenterprises.com/.

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