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“These gas prices are killing the American Dream” says Detroit trucking company 


Smaller trucking companies warn that high fuel prices are “killing the American Dream” as companies and drivers alike struggle to make ends meet. 

“We are losing a lot of money, a lot of customers, a lot of like, drivers because the gas prices are high,” said Nadhir Bahnam of the Andi Group trucking company based in Detroit, Michigan. 

“A lot of drivers decided to not work, we used to have more than 200 drivers – now we have about 130,” said Bahnam to Fox 2. “We used to make like hundred – now it’s like 30 percent [profit].”

Bahnam warns that soon, everyday consumers will be forced to make hard choices as the price of fuel drives up the price of all goods. 

“If gas prices keep going up everything is going to go up – even the food,” Bahnam said. “A lot of things not going to see in the store anymore, like some kind of food are not going to see, because it’s not worth it to haul from place to place.”

To those in the trucking industry like Bahnam, the situation is ruining a long sought-after way of life. 

“These gas prices are killing … the American Dream.”


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