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This company’s powerful LED lighting solutions make it safer for truckers to drive at night


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FX-AA, a leading provider of lighting solutions for commercial vehicle drivers, is speaking out about how their superior LED products can protect truckers from the perils of nighttime driving.

After years of success as a brick and mortar operation in Hialeah, Florida, FX-AA is expanding to deliver potentially life-saving LED lighting solutions to truckers across the country through a new online store.

Here’s what the company had to say about the importance of their diverse product line in enhancing safety for truckers who drive at night:

It has always surprised us why so very few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seem aware of the challenges commercial truckers face when driving in the dark.

Night driving is, for many truckers, a must. It speeds up deliveries and consequently increases income. At night, traffic subsides, easing tension, but darkness offsets this gain by introducing new worries: Fear and fatigue.

At night it can be terrifying to be unable to see obstacles on the road due to poor vehicle lighting. A crossing deer or a stopped vehicle after the curve or the hill are much more difficult for a driver to see at night. Truckers can also run into weather that affects nighttime visibility and safety, including thick fog, a thunderstorm, or even black ice.

At FX-AA, we are committed to combating these trucker’s struggles.

Our headlight LED bulbs and LED bulb upgraded driving lamps may look similar to others on the internet, but they are not.

We know how vital it is for a nighttime driver’s truck to be outfitted with powerful headlights, but we also understand that those bulbs have to last on a vehicle that rides ten times further than an average commuter car.

We can help you select the right LED bulb or headlamp for your truck at a very competitive price, knowing truckers are looking for high levels of illumination to increase safety but also that they want bulbs to last.

Every day the FX-AA team sees truckers who are frustrated after having bought a bad LED bulb or lamp online, and we say: There is no other way to know that our products are different than taking the risk of trying them.

We understand your night driving struggle, and we have years of experience in solving that struggle for every driver who visits our store.

Now we want to do the same online. Try us! We are different!

Check out the quick comparison video below to see the serious difference between typical halogen bulbs and FX-AA bulbs.


In the interest of truck driver safety, FX-AA also announced a major new partnership with Israel-based Innoviz Technologies Ltd. on a pilot program to use high-performance LiDAR sensors and perception software in combination with FX-AA’s LED lighting products to help drivers operate at night and during adverse weather conditions with more confidence — and fewer crashes. Truckers can struggle with visibility issues even with top-of-market lighting solutions, so pairing FX-AA’s products with Innoviz technology that can “see” better than a human driver presents an exciting opportunity to improve highway safety for truckers and the motoring public. Planned safety features include black ice warnings, animal detection, and obstacle detection, and more.

You can click here to search FX-AA’s extensive LED product offerings today.

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