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This trucking company has grit: No-nonsense executive still delivers loads


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The Chief Operating Officer of Midnite Express Incorporated doesn’t just talk the talk – he drives the truck too.

While most drivers would let their CDL license lapse when taking on the responsibilities of leading a company, Jim Peterson has a different approach. He believes an open-door policy is the best policy, and as a current CDL holder delivering loads locally in North Dakota as needed, he’s able to relate to his drivers on the same level.

“A driving teammate is just as big a person at this company as me or anybody else,” says Jim. “That level of respect, not just on a poster, but shown, is very valuable to people.”

Bought by Knight Transportation in 2021 as one of six companies in a new powerhouse LTL network, Midnite Express Incorporated has successfully created and maintained a driver-first company culture.

Midnite Express Incorporated has been nominated as one of the best fleets to drive for in 2023 by Truckload Carriers Association and Carriers Edge, and their turnover rates and recruiting practices speak for themselves. With a less than 20% turnover rate, many drivers find themselves staying with the company for the long haul. Joe Richey, a former truck driver leading the company’s recruiting with a no-nonsense approach, believes in telling the truth to land drivers rewarding jobs.

Midnite Express Incorporated has expanded to a 103-truck fleet and is projecting to reach 300 trucks by 2023.

This North Dakota-based company works hard to provide drivers with the benefits and positive work experience that they deserve. Drivers enjoy regular home time, competitive compensation and bonuses, automatics and standards, 401k, and pet and rider policies. Drivers benefit from Jim’s company-wide open-door policy and from working with skilled dispatch and technicians who can quickly resolve any issues that arise.

If you’re interested in joining the company’s team of professional drivers, please click here to get started.

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