An Iowa officer usually involved in the state’s parks and wildlife programs recently spotted a tire problem so egregious that he pulled the truck over and called in the Iowa Department of Transportation.

On November 22, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) shared a social media post about an “observant” Natural Resources officer who spotted a major tire problem on a moving CMV.

From Iowa DOT MVE:

Law enforcement is achieved as a team each and every day in Iowa. No single officer can see and catch everything out there. Enter, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, who’s observant officer spotted this going down the interstate. Thankfully, he made the traffic stop and had us come handle the equipment issues.

Note the first and second photo. The first is the time of the stop and the inside tire is still together. A quick move to a safer location to complete the stop and the inside tire turned to shreds.

It takes a team to keep our roads safe and also clear of unnecessary debris.

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