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Trucker disappears after crashing through narrow Portland street


A truck driver is still missing after fleeing the scene of a wreck in downtown Portland last week. 

The accident happened on Friday, April 15th on Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. 

According to Press-Herald, the truck driver was hauling an empty refrigerated trailer back from a potato delivery to Massachusetts when he drove through downtown Portland for unknown reasons. The driver then attempted to turn into a parking lot at 39 Forest Ave at the city’s health department. The turn was too tight for the truck, and the driver ended up hitting multiple vehicles in the area. At least one car was totaled. 

“He hit it three times. I wasn’t away from the car very long. When I came back, he was moving on to other vehicles, ” said Sandra Green, whose vehicle was totaled. “He just did not care about what he had done and what he was doing.”

After smashing through multiple cars, the driver backed up onto Forest Avenue before heading down Congress Street, flattening a parking meter, and entering the highway. Wayne O. Shaw, the owner of the truck and trucking company the driver was working for, says that the driver then dumped the trailer somewhere and abandoned the rig in Auburn. 

“He’s still missing, as far as I know,” Shaw said, noting that the driver had been working for him on and off for the last three years with no issues. “He’s been a great employee on every job.” Shaw did not identify the man, and the man’s name was not mentioned in the police report. 

Investigators say that they have identified a person of interest in the case, but have not released whether he has been located.


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