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Trucker rescues injured, wrecked fellow driver from perilous snowstorm situation


A truck driver has been awarded the title of ‘Highway Angel’ after rescuing a fellow wrecked driver from a dangerous situation. 

The rescue happened on an evening in January 2022 on Interstate 94 between Detroit and Chicago just outside of Benton Harbor.

According to Macomb Daily, truck driver Bruce Stremmel was traveling along his typical route from Detroit to Chicago on Interstate 94 when he encountered a snow storm. Stremmel says that the visibility became so poor that all he could see were the faint outline of taillights and the guardrails separating the eastbound side of the highway from the westbound side. As he was making his way through the blowing snow and darkness, Stremmel saw the headlights of another semi truck up ahead suddenly move sideways – the rig had jackknifed up ahead and smashed into the center guardrails. Without hesitation Stremmel says he pulled over his own truck, called police, and ran over to the wrecked truck. 

“I didn’t think twice about doing it,” he said.  

Stremmel says he had to force the door open to reach the driver, who appeared to be severely injured with a potentially broken leg. After checking with the driver to make sure there was nothing dangerous or explosive in his trailer, Stremmel worked to pull the injured driver from his cab, get him over the guardrail, and into his own rig to stay warm while they waited for first responders to arrive. 

“It was a pretty dangerous night,” he said. “I was scared – I’m like – we’re in a bad situation. If another truck loses control, we’re done.”

Eventually, first responders arrived and transported the injured driver to a hospital. Stremmel says he never heard from or about the injured driver again, but was eventually contacted by the Truckload Carriers Association and was given a Highway Angel award for rescuing a fellow truck driver.

“I didn’t expect anything. I was just happy to be able to help someone,” said Stremmel, who has been a truck driver for 17 years.

“He deserves the recognition,” said Sharon Stremmel, Stremmel’s wife. “I’m proud of this husband of mine! He’s got a good heart! Good humans like him are a rare breed!”


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